StarPack Premium Range Silicone Mixing Spoon in EU LFGB Grade with Hygienic Solid Coating + Bonus 101 Cooking Tips

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  • NO MORE UNHYGIENIC UTENSILS – This solid-silicone mixing spoon won’t harbor bacteria in hidden crevices, or let you down by melting or warping. The smooth edges won’t scratch non-stick pans, and it is perfect for mixing and stirring many kinds of hot and cold food
  • SAFE AND HEALTHY FOR YOUR FAMILY – Premium Range means we use Highest Quality EU LFGB Grade silicone, which is safety-tested, heat resistant up to 600°F, and guaranteed 100% BPA-free. Our Solid silicone design won’t harbor bacteria or let you down by melting or warping, and is perfect for non-stick pans
  • BE INSPIRED TO LOVE COOKING AGAIN - Your stylish and colorful new mixing spoon will be such a pleasure to use (and is dishwasher safe), so you’ll soon be creating heavenly dishes for friends and family. You’ll even receive a FREE Bonus ‘101 Cooking Tips’ PDF to get you started!
  • VERSATILE AND ESSENTIAL KITCHEN TOOL - Contains: 1 x Mixing Spoon: 10.6" x 2.4"
  • QUALITY YOU CAN COUNT ON, AND OUR FULL STARPACK WARRANTY – Like all StarPack products this one is made to last with durable, quality materials. We offer a full refund or replacement if you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase


Tired of cheap, unhygienic kitchen utensils that warp, melt, or stain?

StarPack Premium Range Silicone Spoons are made of Highest Quality EU LFGB Grade, BPA-free solid silicone – there are no crevices to hide bacteria, they are built to withstand high heat (up to 600°F) and will never let you down.

The smooth edges are kind to your non-stick pans, and are perfect for mixing and serving many types of food – from mixing cake and pancake batter to stirring soup and oatmeal.

Clean up is a breeze too, as silicone simply wipes clean, or just throw in the dishwasher.

Fall in love with cooking again, and see how easy it is to create delicious dishes with a good silicone mixing spoon in your kitchen!

Contains: 1 x Mixing Spoon: 10.6" x 2.4"